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Tea is a journey, an experience, and a memory of flavors potent to sublime.  It is an exotic drink from far away lands that most people have only read about.  Even though tea has been around for over 5,000 years, it is just beginning to be recognized in the United lifestyle. People have turned to this sophisticated beverage for comfort, relaxation, socialization, and the numerous health benefits.  Learn more about tea…

Frequently Asked Questions About Tea

How can I decaffeinate my tea?
I recently learned that holding your teacup with your pinkie out is poor etiquette. What is the reason behind holding out the pinkie finger?
Why are some china pieces marked 'Occupied Japan'?
Does drinking tea boost the immune system?
What do you think about electric kettles vs. the traditional stovetop kettles?
What is yerba maté?
What is the official time for Afternoon Tea?
How do I find tea rooms when I am traveling?
What is a Brown Betty teapot?
What is the proper way to eat finger sandwiches?
Does tea really taste better from a china teacup?
What does it mean when a tea is labeled “single estate” tea?
What does the tea plant look like?
Can I buy tea directly from a tea plantation?
What is “pouchong” tea?
How many calories does tea have?
What is the difference between a “breakfast blend” and an “afternoon blend” in teas?
Someone told me that you can deodorize with tea – is this true?
Celebrate National Hot Tea Month!
Is chintz a specific pattern or design?
What is a Samovar?
Can you cook with tea?
What are “flowering” teas?
I would love to know the history of tea rooms in the southern United States. What is their origin?
What is the proper order in which the food served at an Afternoon Tea should be eaten?
What is the story behind the beautiful Blue Willow pattern that I have seen on so many tea sets?
Why do some people pour milk first into their teacup before pouring the tea?
What is “sweet” tea?
What is a “yixing” teapot?
How much tea do I need to drink to get all of the benefits that tea has to offer?
What is 'white' tea?
What does the term 'elevenses' mean?
Does green tea have less caffeine than black tea?
What are people referring to when they say, “two leaves and a bud” in relation to tea?
What is a tea dance?
What basic items do I need in order to make a good cup of tea at home?
How do I make iced tea from loose leaf tea?
Why are tea towels called tea towels? What is their purpose?
What kind of tea is orange pekoe?
Crumpets and scones – sound wonderful, but what exactly are they?
Where is tea grown?
Is Earl Grey tea really named after a person?
What gives the Indian tea “Chai” that distinctly spiced flavor?
Can I boil my water for tea in the microwave instead of in the kettle on the stove?
What is Rooibos tea?
What is a tea cozy?
What is the difference between decaffeinated and caffeine free tea?
Which is more popular – hot tea or iced tea?
How do I store my loose tea and how long can I keep it?
What is the difference between an infuser and a strainer, and how do I use them?
Is it correct to say High Tea or Afternoon Tea?
Why is using loose tea better than the convenient little tea bag?
How do I know how long I should steep the different teas?
Do you put milk in all tea?
Is tea good for you?
What are herbal teas?