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Tea and Beverage Selections


Black Teas ($3.95/pot)

œ     Apricot – Decaffeinated black tea with an apricot flavor.

œ     Assam Estate Tea – From one of Assam’s top gardens - Bukhial - this tea has a mild malty flavor and a rich, elegant liquor.

œ     Black Currant – Decaffeinated black tea with the flavor of black currants.

œ     Darjeeling Estate Tea – From one of Darjeeling’s best known estates – Margaret’s Hope – this tea is known as the “Champagne of Teas” with a delicate flavor.

œ     Desert Rose – A special blend of tea with the soft fragrance of cardamom.

œ     Earl Grey – An unbelievable aroma that portends an even more unbelievable taste!  A classic tea with bergamot flavoring.

œ     English Breakfast – An aromatic blend of Ceylon Highland teas – a traditional favorite!


Oolong and Green Teas ($3.95/pot)

œ     Comfy Cozy – Organic green tea with ginger bits and honey flavor.

œ     Green Treasures – A very aromatic Chinese oolong with gentle taste.

œ     Jasmine – A green tea with jasmine blossoms – elegant and harmonious in flavor.

œ     Misty Garden – An organic green tea – perfect for a novice green tea drinker.

Rooibos and Herbal Teas ($3.95/pot)

œ     Cappuccino Cream – Rooibos – red tea enriched with nutrients and the flavor of cappuccino cream.

œ     Sun Showers – Citrus flavor with blackberry and strawberry leaves along with orange and sunflower blossoms.

œ     Tranquility – A delicate blend of peppermint, chamomile and rose hip peels.



Iced Teas ($1.50/glass)

œ     Black Tea – Enjoy a blend of black teas for that classic iced tea taste.

œ     Tropical Fruit – Refreshing and light with a fruity flavor.

NovelTeas ($3.95/pot)

œ     Chocolate Macaroon – A delightful combination of rich chocolate and nutty almonds.

œ     Hampton Afternoon – Flavorful raspberries and smooth coconut.

œ     Mango Passion – An infusion of ripened mangoes and passionfruit.

œ     Nantucket Breeze – Fragrant blueberries and creamy vanilla.



SpecialTea ($4.95/pot)

œ     Masala Chai - A full-bodied tea with mellow spice notes, blended with milk and sugar.


FruiTeas ($2.95/glass)

Sweetened fruit drink blended with water and served over ice - a cool and refreshing beverage.

œ     Mango Grove

œ     Papaya Plantation

œ     Sour Green Apple Orchard

œ     Taro Fields

Additional Beverages ($1.50)

Assorted soft drinks
Coffee (regular and decaf)
Hot Chocolate
Juice (apple and orange)



All of our loose leaf teas
and Masala Chai mix
are available for purchase.